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It is an overwhelming job to plan performances, PLUS handle the mechanics of hiring an orchestra, no matter how big or small.  Personnel details spread out, exponentially, in all directions. 
Who should I call?  Are they good?  Can I rely on them to show up, be on time, or not cancel on me at the last minute?  

Even after the orchestra roster is filled, there is still a stifling amount of data to think about, remember, confirm and manage. 
Would you like to stay focused on your performance? 

Would you like to show up to rehearsals and know that all the "behind the scene" details have been taken care of? 
Your time is valuable as a maestro, not a personnel manager!
Why not let a professional do that for you?

Sharon Nauman has been contracting orchestras since 1992.  With over 500 people in her data base, she can assemble the perfect matches for your event.

In addition to knowing player quality, throughout the years, she has tracked attendance, cancellations, and attitudes.  These qualities are as important as being a fabulous player!