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Sharon Nauman-Artistic Manager

 As seen on Fox 8 & PAX-TV's "Northeast Ohio Weddings"!


Did you every wonder what the difference between a trio and a quartet sound like? 

Click below for examples of each.

Notice that the quartet sounds richer, thicker, fuller.

The trio has a...
  Melody-Violin I
  Harmony-Violin II
  Bass line-Cello

The quartet has a...
  Melody   -Violin I
  Two harmonies            
                -Violin II
  Bass line-Cello
A duet just has...
  1. Melody-Violin I
  2. Bass line-Cello

(There is no harmony in the middle.)

**Minuet in G is written by Bach.  Our multi-talented violinist, Dr. Mark Polanka, arranged the quartet version to include a jazzy "twist"!
Clips from live concerts
Handel's "Water Music" is very popular at weddings. 

The link below is a part from a larger work called a suite which consists of a number of short tunes. 

Here is one the favorites.  It is festive for prelude or postlude music. 

If you like this, you will probably like others in the suite too. 
This is commonly used for:
Processional or Recessional

You will recognize these beloved tunes!  Here are two famous ballet themes.

These are nice for:
Prelude or Postlude

We play more than classical music!  Our group enjoys a wide variety of songs. 

We have a whole set of Irish melodies including "Danny Boy". 

Sporting Paddy, below, is from our "Wigs to Jigs" educational concert series. 

For more information about those shows, click the "Educational Quartet Programs" button to the left of the page.

This next piece is called Concert Piece for Strings by Del Borgo.  This song is serious yet playful.

In our educational concert series, we like to incorporate humor, by catching you off-guard! 

String quartets do not have to play serious music all the time. 

The song below is from our "Over the Rainbow" show.  We hope it makes you chuckle!!

We have been featured on
PAX and FOX 8 TV. 
Here is a clip from those wedding shows.

You will hear the "Wedding March" and "Trumpet Voluntary" in this YouTube clip.

The "Wedding March" is your traditional recessional.

"Trumpet Voluntary" is a non-traditional option to use as the bride's entrance.  You can also use it for bridesmaids or as a recessional.  It is interchangeable.